All Glass Sliding Door Cabinet

Size: W860*D360*H1800

Jiangxi Yuanjin steel furniture series products, adopt a large area of once molding, phosphating corrosion processing, automatic spray technology and other advanced technology, reasonable design, novel style, good quality, great to meet the needs of users.

Attention to science and technology into your life enhance your taste. Build your office space, concerned about your future!


Product Features:

1.Can be freely combined;

2.New hinge, door opening light;

3.Simple good books, access to information is convenient;

4.High-quality locks, flexible opening, mutual opening rate is very low;

5.Blue point hand clasping, new personality, ABS is not easy to be broken;

6.Double slide, drawer sports facilities, and pulled out 90%;

7.A baffle plate can be freely on the adjustment or change to make full use of the space of the cabinet body;

8.Degreasing, phosphating, etc. twelve station before treatment, to ensure that the film is not easy to fall off. And the strong weatherability.