Drawer Cabinets Intensive Mobile Shelving

Drawer cabinets enable you to create well organised and easy accessible storage. Whether you store CD’s or DVD’s, office supplies, medicines or valuable objects. For each requirement an adapted drawer cabinet system is available.

Flexible, accessible and safe. Yuanjin drawers can be integrated in shelving, Compact shelving and Office cabinets. You design your own drawer cabinet adapted to your requirements.


Yuanjin Mobile shelving systems are custom-made to suit any space, decoration, design and storage need. The unique space-saving design of the Yuanjin Mobile system offers flexibility, modularity, strength, and re-usability with virtually no maintenance. The Yuanjin Mobile system also ensures optimisation of floor space, providing space savings of up to 50% over conventional shelving systems.

Simply put, it’s a way to store more in less space. We’re all familiar with traditional static shelves—but the challenge with static storage is that it takes up a fixed amount of space. The amount of stuff being housed in your work space or storage area keeps growing, while the square footage stays exactly the same.

High-density mobile storage solves all of these challenges. By mounting shelving or cabinets onto a carriage and rail system, mobile storage eliminates fixed aisles to compact your storage space. It’s a simple concept that enables you to significantly increase your storage capacity or store the same amount of items in half the footprint. In the other half of that space? The room to do the things that can grow your business.

Storage Systems offers 3 types of drawers. Standard drawers to store office supplies and smaller items either loose or packed; Media drawers to store CD’s, DVD’s, magazines and office supplies; Multi-purpose drawers for presered storage of different shapes and dimensions objects. 3 types of drawer systems support storage of variable items and dimensions. Drawers can be integrated in Yuanjin shelving, Compact shelving and Yuanjin Office cabinets. In one cabinet system drawers can be fitted in variable heights and / or combined with other accessories and shelves. Drawer cabinets can be closed with sliding doors. Drawer cabinets can be made mobile at any time.

Please send us the room layout to make solutions for our customer.

In the meantime we will make the 3-D renderings for your viewing.

Rail Track for 6 bays and 4 bays.