Intensive Base Map Cabinet

The drawer cabinet used to store the file data files such as the base maps, books and papers, medical records, accounting vouchers, collections and so on. Intensive arrangement and mobile storage makes the file management more convenient. Applicable to modern archives room, library and archives.


Yuanjin sheet steel drawer cabinets offer made-to-measure top quality for professional use. Materials and work guarantee trouble-free Installation and use, and maintain the value of your expensive inventories. The drawer cabinets come with a load-bearing capacity of 75 kg or 200 kg per drawer and so offer even greater flexibility for each type of inventory.


  1. Utmost stabilityload capacity of housing up to 4 t; load capacity of drawers 75 or 200 kg
  2. Well protected

against dirt, liquids and mechanical load through closed housing with impact and abrasion-resistant surface

3. Full corrosion protection

with electrophoretic dip painting and environmentally-friendly powder coating

4. Perfectly smooth running

through differential pull-out without a crossbar

5. Can be utilised to the full

since drawers can be fully extended and the drawer shell heights are optimised

6. Outstanding safety features

safety catch to prevent the drawers from falling out and anti-tilt mechanism to prevent opening of more than               one drawer at a time

7. Securely lockable

with a choice of hinged doors or space-saving sliding doors

The extensive range of Yuanjin cabinets enables you to customise and add to your workspace and storage equipment. The high-quality steel cabinets can be easily integrated into a variety of working environments and individually adapted to your specific requirements. They are suitable both for industrial purposes and for storing files and similar items in offices and administrative departments. And of course your personal belongings are always kept safe in a Yuanjin cabinet.