Power Control Steel Intelligent Compact Shelves

Is is a electric power dense frame which is suitable for modern intelligent warehouse. It can be used for remote control and checking, convenient for the file data access management. Handle easy and reasonable design. Safe and reliable use.


  1. Smart Shelves (intensive cabinets) is a set of manual, electric, computer control in one of the intelligent network of shelves. It can achieve long-distance operation, macro automation frame control. Three kinds of transmission are independent of each other and non-interfering. Double-sided operation panel makes the operation of the product more arbitrary and you can electrically switch each frame body. The motor start button is mounted on the panel of each frame. When the manager needs to open any of the shelves, the shelves will automatically open as soon as the push button is opened. The most convenient is the intelligent cabinet installed Yuanjin research and development of intelligent software. Software programs can be installed in the file management computer. When the file is stored in the computer to create a file management database. In the future management process, as long as the computer management interface, enter the need to query the file, the file where the shelves rack can be automatically opened.
  2. Triple safety system:
    (1) Light protection: There are professional lighting between the two rows of shelves. When the frame body is opened, the light is automatically turned on, which not only has the function of lighting but also has the protection function. When the light is on, the frame automatically activates the protection mechanism, and any other one of the shelves can not be opened to prevent the staff between the frames from being pinched. When the frame body closed, the light goes out automatically.
    (2) Infrared sensor protection: Intelligent Shelves are installed between the body infrared sensing system. When the shelves are opened, the infrared sensor automatically starts. Staff working in the frame body, either the computer or the motor button can not start the frame, thus other staff members should be prevented from opening and closing the frame and clamping the staff on the circumstance of unawareness. Play a protective role.
    (3) Electromagnetic Protection: Smart Shelves also have an electromagnetic induction system installed, as in Infrared Sensing. When there is someone in the frame, you can not arbitrarily open and close other frames to protect the safety of the staff.
  3. Automatic positioning function:
    In order to facilitate staff management and access to files easily, smart shelves equipped with LED lighting positioning system. When the staff need to check a file, simply enter in the computer to query the file number or name, the file where the shelves automatically open. Where the column light flashes, inform the column; layer lights flashing, inform the layer. The light below the file box flashes to confirm the file location. Managers need only follow the instructions directly access can be. Greatly reduce the workload of staff. File management more secure, fast and convenient.

1.Packing method: Totally knock-down ,Standard export carton (packing with pearl foam and foam board );
2.Can Put logo on the cartons, the name of the model and details of the model such as pieces, dimension etc;
3.Can have a product sketch printed outside of the package;
4.Can provide test report;
5.Protection packing inside, foam materials, Anti-Moisture plastic etc;
6.Shipping:EXW & FOB & CNF & CIF can be accept, competitive ocean freight with professional container loading team.