File Shelves

Also known as file shelves, mobile racking which is suitable for the file information room to store the file data, etc. Can be customized according to user’s requirements, and according to the actual data room size design document racking arrangement. Purchase file mobile racking to find professional file cabinet manufactures.

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Manual intensive cabinet series is widely used in enterprises and institutions of the library, archives, reference room and so on to store books, file archives. Intensive cabinets are based on the characteristics of the warehouse layout. Make full use of space, the use of multi-section multi-joint placed in a fixed orbit to form a whole, by hand or electric way to move the column to access. Our company’s intensive cabinet with high-quality cold-rolled steel plate molding. Surface by degreasing, rust, phosphating and other processes for 10 pre-treatment, the latest international trend of sub-matte electrostatic powder, high temperature plastic from. The product has excellent corrosion resistance. Frame body design exquisite, smooth lines, the storeroom clean and beautiful. Operation light and flexible, smooth running. Combination of design, removal and disassembly are not damaged. Each column body has a safety limit and anti-dumping device to protect the safety of personnel within the channel. The side frame is fitted with a lock for overall locking. The contact surfaces between the body cabinet are cushioning and magnetic seal strips. Has a good dust, rodent, moisture and fire protection. The rotating mechanism adopts precision bearings, and the rotation is flexible and smooth. Laminate layer can be adjusted freely according to need.

Product Description:

  1. Opening
  • When the entire column group in parallel, both front and rear are fitted with locking mechanisms. First open the total lock, and then lock the mechanism of the switch wrench to the open position, in order to move the operation.
  • The operation of shaking the handle:The crank is an automatic suspension mechanism. As long as the handle down the handle, slowly shaking and then to the force, so that the body to shake the need to distance until you can access the document work. For safety reasons, you can first lock, the locking mechanism of the hand brake knob to turn “OFF” position, the shelf is locked, the frame fixed on the rail.
  1. Closing
  • After completing the reading work, turn the handbrake knob of the locking mechanism to the “ON” position, shake the handle, move each column holder to the closed position, and then turn the lock knob of the locking mechanism to the “OFF” position, Lock the total lock.
    (2) When closing the locking device, in case of difficulties, you can gently jiggle the handle, so that the lock switch to the switch position, such as forced to close, it may damage the hand brake handle.
  1. Layer spacing adjustment
  • Shelves, support plate were lifted up, so that with the assembly off hook, and then insert the support plate into the column in the hole corresponding to the height of the spacing, put the shelf.
  • Hold up the stick up gently, and the column off hook, and then inserted into the corresponding column on the hole in the hanging plate square hole into the stick.

4.Storage and cabinet movement
(1) Evenly distributed storage is appropriate to keep the bearing parts even force, frame body balance.

(2) The shelves can be moved in a single row and can be moved at the same time. The side panels of each column are equipped with a label box for easy management of archives, data and storage.

(3) Once the object has been accessed, each column should be moved to its original position to keep the group stock.

(4) The shelves are used only for the storage, and for the safety and well-being of your personal, it is forbidden to climb the frame and shelf level as escalators.

  1. Maintenance

(1) The warehouse must be dry and ventilated.

(2) The surface of the body does not allow sunlight for long periods of time.

(3) Keep the guide groove clean and free from debris.

(4) The surface is strictly prohibited with gasoline, a high degree of alcohol, rosin perfume, banana water scrub, this will make the spray surface loss of luster and fade.


MaterialShanghai Bao Steel Quality SPCC cold rolled steel

Sizecan be customized