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Hand-operated Mobile Shelving – Yuanjin Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Hand-operated Mobile Shelving

Hand-operated Mobile Shelving also named as manual mobile rack which is the most practical storage mobile cabinet. It is the necessary storage equipment in the record room, books information room and the archives storehouse.


The extensive range of Yuanjin cabinets enables you to customise and add to your workspace and storage equipment. The high-quality steel cabinets can be easily integrated into a variety of working environments and individually adapted to your specific requirements. They are suitable both for industrial purposes and for storing files and similar items in offices and administrative departments. And of course your personal belongings are always kept safe in a Yuanjin cabinet.

A Yuanjin mobile shelving system is the perfect way to create lots of storage space in confined areas. When more space is needed in existing premises, Yuanjin has the solution: gain space without any extensions. Fixed shelf units are needed only if simultaneous access to all stored items; in all other cases, aisles between each shelf unit are simply uneconomical. Instead of many space-consuming service aisles between the fixed shelf units, one single aisle provides access to all shelf units.

The manual movement option allows you to move several shelf units as one block with a maximum total weight of 3 tons. The crank drive with a gear reduction of 1:2 or 1:5 allows you to move shelf units or shelving blocks of up to 15 and/or 25 tons. The open Yuanjin shelving systems made of sheet steel are suitable for bulky or heavy inventory items. They provide optimum air circulation thanks to their open design. Stability is ensured by diagonal braces or rear panels. Depending on their dimensions, the shelves have a load capacity ranging from 100 to 400 kg. Maximum load capacity per shelving unit up to 1000 kg.


1. The industry’s first use of a mature low noise, no spark, maintenance-free 24V brushless DC motor drive, the regular replacement of brush the previous DC servo motor troubles completely resolved in the case of dnsuring the safety of persons and equipment.

2. Full of high-quality voice operation promted.

3. Completely collision-free operation: smooth start, run fast, gentle closed.

4. The operation is simple, practical, intuitive software operating graphical image.

5. Smart lighting: Shelves open when the lights turn on, shut down automatically extinguished. Alone computre-controlled lighting (which is convenient for some special applications) Open Shelves Close state.

6. Shelves unmanned automatic shutdown and automatic ventilation. And can operate offline.

7. Mobile columns 5.7 inch LCD with touch nice.

8. Solid moving column 10.5 inch color LCD with touch display (optional).

9. Query any column in any area to store the file can be in any of the columns on the LCD screen and open operation.

10. The anti-surge and anti-static design design makes it even severe instability in the voltage the rural or dry winter, but also to ensure the reliable operation of the system.