Oil Painting Rack

One of the common mobile rack. Applicable to the information room. Can be specially designed based on the actual size of the user’s room. Purchase oil painting rack please find professional manufacturers.

Yuanjin Group will provide you with various kinds of racks for your inquiry and order.


A major advantage of pull-out painting frames is that the paintings are easily accessible, while efficient use is made of the available space. If you need to view a certain painting, only the paintings in the frames concerned are moved. There is three different versions as follows….

Suspended painting frames move virtually without any vibration and are extremely stable. The advantage of this system is that the floor surface is not uninterrupted by rails.

If the ceiling does not have sufficient load-bearing capacity, the system is suspended to a steel construction.

These painting racks also move virtually without any vibration and are extremely stable.

A steel construction is rarely required, since the guide rails on the ceiling do not bear any weight.

Also, Yuanjin’s painting rack is available with two different types of operation. Choose from a traditional hand-operated mechanical system and electronic control panel or electronic control panel with additional functionas.