Space Efficiency Mobile Shelving

Standard high-density mobile storage is a great solution to tackle almost any storage challenge. By creating a moveable aisle that can compact your storage space, mobile shelving allows for complete access to all of your goods and materials while creating extra space to do the things that have a direct impact on your business, regardless of your industry or market.


No matter what type of environment you work in, chances are you’re always looking for ways to save time, be more productive and organized, and do more with the space you have. Yuanjin helps you tackle these challenges by making your storage spaces more efficient.

Standard high density mobile storage systems have helped boost efficiency and organization in libraries, hospitals, athletic equipment rooms, museums, police departments, and other work environments. Plus, they offer a host of safety and security features, design options, and your choice of controls to suit your needs.

A Yuanjin mobile shelving system is the perfect way to create lots of storage space in confined areas. When more space is needed in existing premises, Yuanjin has the solution: gain space without any extensions. Fixed shelf units are needed only if simultaneous access to all stored items; in all other cases, aisles between each shelf unit are simply uneconomical. Instead of many space-consuming service aisles between the fixed shelf units, one single aisle provides access to all shelf units.

chassis: 2.8mm hot-rolled steel, GB710-88
rail: 20*20 solid square steel, GB699-88
sill beam: 2.8mm hot-rolled steel
axle bumper & clamping device: 2.0 hot-rolled steel
upright: 1.5mm cold-rolled steel, GB710-88
partition board: 1.0mm cold-rolled steel, GB710-88
hanging board: 1.0mm cold-rolled steel, GB710-88
shelf board: 1.0mm cold-rolled steel, GB710-88
baffle: 0.8mm cold-rolled steel, GB710-88
door frame: 0.8mm cold-rolled steel, GB710-88
door: 1.0mm cold-rolled steel
positioning module: ABS injection moulding
side panels: deluxe concave-convex type 0.9mm cold-rolled steel, GB710-88
bearing: double the nucleus HR204E, GB710-88
transmission shaft: Φ20 solid steel 45#, GB699-88
steel pipe connection:  Φ20 solid steel 45#, GB699-88
steel roller: HT200 gray iron, GB9439-88, 1000kg/roller
gear: ZG45 roller, GB1135-89
motorcycle chain: Φ8.5 pitch, 12.7FR 420, GB1244-85, ISO9001 certified
handle: imported plastic steel, A bi-directional overrunning clutch structure GB1285-85
handle assembly: roller bearing, A bi-directional overrunning clutch structure GB1285-85
side column lock kit: 808 lock, luxury, each column are provided with braking device
gate lock: buckle type square lock
shock-proof seal: 20mm, magnetic refrigerator door stopper
roof: 0.8mm cold-rolled steel, GB710-88
dust guard, rat guard: 0.8mm cold-rolled steel, GB710-88
device preventing tilting: 3.0mm cold-rolled steel, GB710-88
preprocessing: Zn phosphorization, USA standard, ISO9001 certified
high pressure electrostatic spray: epoxy polyester mixed powder
water washing: ≤10ЦS conductivity, USA standard
Applications: law libraries
public & privite libraries
health care storage
government offices
fine art storage
archival storage
archeological storage
backroom storage
institute and school
Features: 1. Maximum space utilization and perfect seal, neat/elegant for file storage;
2. Good performance, easy to disassemble and Install;
3. High reliability anti-tilting ability;
4. Strong, durable and steady;
5. Security acess control;
6. Soft start and soft stop.
Service: 1. 10 years warranty;
2. Various sizes and colors available;
3. with prompt delivery and competitive price;
4. offering multiple perfect workable solutions for free for customers’ reference;
5. Has after-sales service department to accept and treat feedback information from customers.